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We export all over the world.

We export to 40 countries in total with
Integrated Tire Curing Solutions.

Over 40 years of experience and
state-of-the-art products...

Uzer İthalat İhracat has been serving the world's top tire makers with its tire curing presses and molds since 1978. Uzer İthalat İhracat, a company that has been making curing equipment for tire companies in various places of the world for 43 years, continues to grow by increasing its foreign sales significantly. Our press product category consists of mechanical and hydraulic presses for all types of tyres; while mold category includes tread segments, sidewall plates, container mechanisms, AG molds and bladder molds. More than 500 employees, it manufactures tyre curing presses and molds for the factories of top companies of the sector in various parts of the world.

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Uzer Makina

Uzer Makina has been serving global tire industry with its wide range of tire curing solutions since 1978.

Uzer Makina places great value on innovation and dedicates its resources on R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and highly qualifed employees in order to expand its four decades of know-how.

We are at the heart of the tire industry.

Uzer İthalat İhracat serves to more than 40 countries with its four facilities, three of which are in Kocaeli and one in Aksaray.


Kocaeli Arslanbey OSB, 5 Sok. No: 10 41285 Kartepe / Kocaeli / TÜRKİYE

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+90 (262) 351 31 93